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Most Home Care Agencies work the same way.  In your initial call you are going to want to ensure that the Agency bonds and insures their employees, checks and documents references, checks criminal backgrounds both on the state and national levels, checks driving records and confirms that no complaints have been filed with the Nurses Aid Registry.

Depending on the type of services you require you may need a certified or non certified employee.  If all you require is home help you will want a qualified but non certified companion.  If, on the other hand, you are returning from hospital or rehabilitation it is more likely you will need a certified home health aide with you.

If you call an Agency you can expect the following steps to occur.  The following steps are those we follow but most agencies will follow the same pattern:

1. During your initial call we will determine if we are the appropriate solution.  Specifically do we cover the area you are looking for help and can we provide the services you think you need.  If not, you can expect us to make a couple of referral suggestions to other agenciues.

2. If we feel we may be able to help you and we are not in a crisis situation (example the hospital is releasing Mom today as long as she has overnight coverage) we will plan to meet you and your loved one someting in the next few days.  If it is a crisis situation and you need immediate help we will gather more information and arrange for the help you need or immediately recommend another agency.

3. In a non crisis situation we will meet you and your loved one and gain an understanding of exactly what help you want.  Sometimes everyone is in agreement but more likely there are different opinions as to whether help is needed at all.

4. Once a consensus is reached about having in home help we will attempt to define the type of person most appropriate.  Is it an elderly companion to stop depression (our oldest employee is 88 herself!!) or is it someone to get on her hands and knees and clean the kitchen.  During this discussion there may be many sensitive issues about the type of person that would be the best fit.  It's important to us that the initial careGiver Client relationship is the best possible.

5. If everyone is comfortable moving forward we will ask a service agreement is signed.  This agreement does not commitment you to any term but does ask you to acknowledge our rates, recognize it is our employee, and defines the basic duties expected.

6. Approximately 2-7 days later we will call to set up an introduction of the Caregiver (in a crisis situation this may happen the same day).  During the introduction we will introduce the CareGiver and you will have the opportunity to lay ot the work you expect.  If this is the first time there has been an employee/employer relationship we will help line out the relationship.

7.  After the first days assignment we will all parties to ensure there is a good match.  If not, we will find another CareGiver and start again.

8. We send bills on the 15th and monthend.  No payments are made to the CareGiver nor are you expected to make any additional paaayments (tips etc).  We accept all major credit cards as well as checks.

9. You can cancel at anytime with 24 hours notice.  Likewise you can increase the time you require at any time.

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